Mom Has A Surprise For Their 3 Dogs, But Keep An Eye On The White One…

There’s very few things as touching and compelling as seeing a soldier return home and see his family again after so long. We’ve seen videos of soldiers reuniting with spouses, children, parents, and siblings, and they never fail to bring me to tears. After all those months, or even years, of being apart not knowing for sure if you’ll see them again, it’s heartrending to watch people finally together again.

The following clip will bring a big smile to your face. While it’s true that it’s touching to see soldiers see their loved ones again, it’s important not to forget that dogs are family, too! In the video you will see how Burt, Amy, and Jasmine receive their Dad in the cutest way you could possibly imagine.

They patiently waited for him in the living room according to Mom’s instructions, and she made sure to have the camera ready to capture the beautiful moment, but I bet that not even her expected something so cute. They are all extremely excited to see their beloved human again, and each one of them has their own special way of showing it. Too cute to be true!

Watch this adorable doggie reunion for yourself right below.

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