Mom Has A Surprise For Their Three Dogs, And I Can’t Believe The White One’s Reaction

Being a serviceman or woman stationed abroad is an incredibly heartbreaking situation for the whole family involved. Many months, and sometimes years, may pass, filled with uncertainty. Watching family reunions are the best and the most accurate expressions of the excitement dogs experience when they see their owners after a long separation! In the case of these three pups there is one in particular that was overwhelmed by the plain happiness.

The following clip will bring a big smile to your face. While it’s true that it’s touching to see soldiers see their loved ones again, it’s important not to forget that dogs are family, too! In the video you will see how Burt, Amy, and Jasmine receive their dad in the cutest way you could possibly imagine. The white dog is Amy and she is clearly not only happy to see her owner after a long separation, but she never intends to let him leave again. All three of them are clearly excited to have this soldier back home again.

They patiently waited for him in the living room according to Mom’s instructions, and she made sure to have the camera ready to capture the beautiful moment, but I bet that not even she expected something so cute. They are all extremely excited to see their beloved human again, and each one of them has their own special way of showing it. Too cute to be true!

Watch and share this adorable doggie reunion. It is sure to leave all you friends smiling!


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