Mom tells her 5-yr-old he’s going to be a big brother. His reaction goes viral on the internet

What could be the best news a 5-year-old could hear? “The Easter Bunny is coming soon”, “Daddies bringing home a big surprise for you” or just a simple “We’re having your favorite for dinner tonight”. But for Ethan, the adorable little British lad, it could only be one thing.

You see Ethan’s mom Sarah, had been waiting for the right time to tell this inquisitive little boy the news she had been keeping from him for some time. Sarah was pregnant with her second child and was so excited the tell Ethan that he was going to be a big brother. She wasn’t too sure what his reaction to the news was going to be, so had waited until she though it was the right time to surprise him with this immanent happy event.

Sarah had just had an ultrasound, so the plan was simple, just hand the Sonogram pictures to him and wait for his response. “It’s me!” he says with a huge smile, “No it’s not you” Sarah replies, “are you having a baby?” Ethen says, not able to wipe the smile off of his face, “Is it your belly now?” The video just couldn’t get any more adorable until in his 5-year-old wisdom he says “I hope you’re not joking,” “no I’m not joking, Sarah says trying to hold back the emotion, Then Ethan announces to the whole world “ I’m going to be a new big brother” at the top of his lungs.

As you watch this amazing video you can’t help but smile as you can almost see Ethan’s brain doing summersaults as he comes to grips with this exiting news. “Is it really in your tummy now?” he asks once again. It takes some time for mom to convince this delightful little fellow that she is telling the truth. “He can sleep in my bed!” says an excited Ethan.

By this time the questions are coming thick and fast until one has Sarah stumped, “How did you make it?” there is silence for a second or two while Sarah composers herself. But you will have to watch the whole video to hear her answer.

The response that the family got from the millions of viewers, as it went viral, was fantastic. So many thanked her for capturing such a wonderful moment and sharing it with the world. You will just love the little boys’ reaction as he come to realize that in a few months time he is going to be a big brother, and I bet that he will be the best big brother ever.

I hope that Sarah takes another video at Ethen’s 21st-birthday when they play this to him again. I’m sure the reaction will be a little different.