Mom tells baby girl “I love you.” And her baby has the best comeback.

People said that there is no better feeling than being a parent, taking care of your child and spending a lot of time with them creates a special bound that transcends every frontier, even language. For most people, this are the best years with their babies. Years that the babies rely on them to do everything from eating, and getting a diaper change, to learning how to communicate.

The lack of ability to speak doesn’t hold back baby girl Gemma Kate from performing an excellent duet with her mom. After singing a single line of the “I love you” song Gemma repeats every word even with good intonation, giving this way her first steps to communicate in this world. The first three years are critical for the baby, a good speech stimulation is one of the best secrets to help kids speak earlier. Regular conversations with the child, pronouncing well each word are highly recommended by the experts to achieve this goal.

According to research teams and experienced baby-centres, the first words of a baby are frequently said around birthday number one. A long and rigorous process occurs during this age, where the baby receives audible information and tries to repeat everything by using simple sounds. Generally, the first words are short names or easy objects and although they are not spoken with the same accuracy, they follow the basic structure of regular sentences.

Several investigations about the natural development of spoken language have been carried out over the years by several experts, modern science has discovered that the beginning of the language starts when parents and babies look at each other.

Doctors believe that the basic skills of the babies such as using the words and understanding them are based on the interaction with their own parents. These interactions include knowing how to establish visual contact, direct their attention through gestures and intervene at the right moment. Studies revealed that babies of at least two months of age could produce sounds and take turns answering on a regular conversation with their mother. Babies responded not only to the movements of mommy’s head and hands, but they also did changes on the intonation at the end of the sounds. When babies don’t get the attention of the parents, they make noises and gestures to succeed.

During this magical moment, mommy had the chance to film it with the camera and save this beautiful moment to enjoy it in the future years to come. With big blue eyes and the cutest smile ever, we are sure that this baby will steal your heart away.

Watch the video below to take a look at the “I love you” song made by this beautiful duet. If you have loving memories like this one you can share it with us on the comment section in our Facebook page.