Mom Tells Her Cockatoo He Can’t Go Outside. The Bird Proceeds To Throw A Legendary Tantrum

There’s a cockatoo in Australia named “Eric The Legend” who definitely lives up to his name. Largely, it’s because of his crazy behavior and zany antics. But he’s also legendary for being exuberantly foul-mouthed. Cockatoos are a type of parrot and like other parrots they’re highly intelligent, extremely vocal, and often mischievous. They also have an incredible ability to mimic human speech. But Eric takes it to a whole new level. If he’s unhappy with something, he’ll screech and squawk at the top of his lungs. If you still don’t get the message, he will use the most profane language with absolutely no shame. It goes without saying that his human parents love him!

One thing Eric really looks forward to is being taken outside for a walk. It’s part of the daily routine and cockatoos love routine; the slightest deviation from The Plan can get them totally unhinged. Not only does the daily walk give him a chance to enjoy some fresh air and a change of scenery, but it’s an opportunity to investigate the local flowers and sample some delicious seeds and nuts.

But on this rainy day, his mom told Eric they’d be staying in. The legendary cockatoo was not happy. In fact, he threw an epic temper tantrum and went on a destructive rampage. He stomped around in a rage and tossed coins on the floor one by one. His mom had to threaten to break out “the scary fish” but even the prospect of facing the ultimate weapon failed to calm him down.

We’ve posted the video of the enraged cockatoo’s hilarious tantrum below. It’s just one of many that Eric The Legend’s human parents have uploaded to the internet. This crazy bird is always up to something: throwing vegetables on the floor, swearing like a sailor, frightening cats, and much more.

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