Mom tells daughter to sing her heart out, and she happily obliges

Parents know that when they tell their children to do something, it is always taken literally. Young Ellie followed her mom’s singing advice and broke the internet.

Holiday plays are guaranteed to deliver quirky behavior from young children. They get to dress up and have fun in front of people that love them. Ellie had all her lines down, but had one of the softest voices in the choir. Her mom told her to sing louder, and that’s when the magic happened.

During the Nativity scene, Ellie tapped into her inner Mariah Carey and sang her heart out. It was a beautiful display of confusion, panic, and then laughter.

The parents loved it, and the kids never stopped singing. Ellie showed pride and spirit with her part, and will forever be remembered for this magical moment. No line was missed, and not a single soul in existence misunderstood what she was singing.

Ellie is not a shy kid, and that is a fact. She took the stage with courage, reminding everyone that the smallest person can also be the most vocal.

The Nativity scene is performed each year around the holidays as a traditional celebration. Lots of hours go into making sure the parents and kids involved have a good time. During the greatest time of the year, kids like Ellie make the entire process worth it.

Mom tells daughter to sing her heart out, and she happily obliges