Mom Tells Her Dog To Get Out Of The Water. What Dog Does In Response? HILARIOUS!

We all wish that dogs could speak. But they have different ways of conveying their emotions to us. It could involve their bark or body language or even facial expressions as we often see in the case of dogs that are guilty. But when the answer involves something a bit more complex, dogs tend to use all of the methods listed above, as we see in this video.

Bella, a German Shepherd is enjoying a day out swimming! She seems to enjoy the water and is a happy dog playing around! But when her owners decide it’s time to leave, Bella is not going without a fight! She lets her displeasure be known by squealing, shaking her head and looking from one direction to another!

She looks so pitiful at one point in the clip when she sits by the edge of the water, looking longingly at the pond, but not going back in because her owner says no. But then, she defies her owner completely and jumps back in the water, all the while verbally protesting her owner’s command to leave.

It is funny to see her reaction as she is caught between wanting to swim and being ordered to go home! But after this was filmed, she actually got to continue swimming, so no dog’s hearts were broken in the filming of this clip. Her owner couldn’t stand to see her suffer, and gave in and let her swim.

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