Mom tells her little girl to say goodbye to the dog. Watch what they both do!

For all of us who had pets growing up, ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ moments were not strange things to do. I’ve had several dogs and we had several ways of saying goodbye. Some parents have gotten worried that their kids might be going through some phase that would make them think that their pets could talk or something, so they asked their kids what the ritual was about.

The kids said it was just their unique way of saying hello and goodbye to them, no big deal. The reality is that kids who grow up with pets are normally more compassionate towards other people. At least this is what many child psychologists believe. The fact that pets have a very positive effect on people is undeniable. This has been used in many fields of medicine to aid in many people’s recovery.

There are all sorts of case studies that prove that a person’s health greatly improves by only petting animals. Now, imagine what it can do over an extended period. I have always been a believer in the benefits of having pets, especially after I heard something about cats that made me wonder. What I heard was that cats helped bring peace to a home.

I decided to give it a try, and since my son had been asking me for a cat, I responded to an ad from a person who wanted to give her cat up for adoption. The reason was that her youngest daughter had been playing a little rough with the cat, and the cat had scratched her. The mother got worried and decided to give the cat to someone else.

We took the cat in and my son loved her. I did experience more peace in the house, especially when I was working a little late. One thing that I noticed was that my son and the cat had this unique way of saying goodbye. What they do is high five with the cat putting up her paw as well. The first time I saw this I was really surprised, and I tried it too, but she only does it with him.

When I saw the following video, I realized that my son was not the only one with a secret way of greeting his pet. The mother in the next video is getting ready for her daughter’s day at school. Their dog is there, and the mother asks the daughter to say goodbye to her dog. What the daughter does next will melt your heart. And then, watch the dog’s reaction!