Mom Tells Twin Boys That It’s Bed Time. I Was Giggling At What They Did Next.

Getting kids to go to bed every night is a battle. I’m surprised that parents aren’t issued army fatigues and helmets at the hospital. “Good luck. You’re gonna need these.” It starts around dinnertime and it just goes downhill from there. Loud screams and wails are often heard… and those are just from the parents. It’s WORSE with the kids. Everybody should watch this video of how a mommy and daddy made going to bed fun for their 18-month-old twin boys.

It starts with the twins playing in the hall with each other. “It’s bedtime,” they are told. Oddly enough, they don’t start wailing and stomping their feet. Quite the opposite. They smile, stand up and then run straight to the bedroom, where they clamber over their cribs, still holding their sippy cups. How exciting. After making sure they each have their blankets, mommy zips up some netting that’s covering the cribs, making sure that they don’t climb out.

I think it’s the combination of their racing over there, being able to climb into the crib and the netting that makes me think that’s what works? Or these could be alien children from another galaxy that were filmed to trick us into think that children could act like this. C’MON. Who are you fooling here? Where are you from? The Andromeda galaxy? You’re not human! Nice try, folks… we’re not fooled.

Seriously, though, this is cool. The netting has more than enough holes to ensure proper ventilation for the twin in their cribs and there’s no way that they could pull it onto themselves and suffocate. Making bedtime fun… hmm. What a novel concept. I hope that more parents watch this video and take ideas from it. Remember, from desperation can come some pretty great ideas.

Weren’t these twins so cute? What did you think of the whole netting thing? Be sure to leave a comment below!

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