Mom tells her twins to go to bed. What they did has the Internet in stitches

For some reason, all the fun seems to start when our parents tell us to go to bed. I remember that I would be watching TV and my father would ask me to go to bed. The minute I heard that, I would also realize that my favorite series would be on next after I heard those words.

When you’re a kid, all the fun stuff really starts when you go to bed. Had you ever noticed that? All the favorite episodes of your favorite characters would have re-runs in the evening. If you were talking to your friends on the phone or they had gone to visit you, all the good stuff would start at bedtime. Times have changed a lot since then. Children nowadays seem to be sleeping a lot less than before.

Back when I was a kid, I slept a lot. I would go to school, come back home, eat, and take a nap. Then, I would wake up, do my homework, and go outside and play. By nighttime, I would be able to sleep soundly. Of course, back then we were not in front of screens as much as we are now. Our only screen was the TV and there were rules at home for that. I could not just sit in front of the television all day, I had things to do.

As any child back then, I would eventually have a tough time falling asleep. Especially in the summer months, when even with a cooler at home, it would still get a little warm. I did the whole counting sheep thing. For some reason, it would never work for me. I would reach about 2000 sheep when I started to get in a bad mood. At times, I would sneak into the living room when everyone else was asleep, so I could catch a late-night show. That would usually do the trick for me.

I found out that one thing is sending our kids to bed, and a different one for them to actually fall asleep when they need to. What I do for my kids now is I play soft music for them in their room on their CD player. This is useful but only at times. If they are not that sleepy, then it will serve more as a distraction. The parents in the next video, give all the viewers a pleasant surprise. The mother of these twins has decided to send her kids to bed. They have their sippy cup with them, and they race to their bedroom. Watch what happens when their mother tells them to go to bed, and then to go to sleep.