Mom texts her daughter’s teacher when her dog acts weird and gets an unexpected reply

Service dogs today are more important than ever. They play crucial roles in helping people live they everyday lives with dignity. But how is it that a normal dog becomes a service dog? For starters, they must pass a series of tests where their sense of smell is rigorously tested by experts. You see, to be a service dog, you must be more than just a dog.

Your senses need to be so well-developed that you can make life-changing decisions on the fly. One expert in the police elaborated on this by saying: “We train our canines in many different scenarios, but they ultimately specialize in detecting one or two things. It can be explosives and weapons, or it can be only drugs. They need to be ready and alert at a moment’s notice and that takes time.”

After that, he gave us a demonstration of how he worked with his dog. He explained a situation where he would be simulating that he was checking a school-s premises before a government official would give a talk. “This is what we normally do. We run our dog to each and every corner of the building. At times, we can find something while other times it will be an ‘all-clear’. Those are the ones we expect to have the most.”

To make the exercise a little more realistic, he hid some explosives inside a bookshelf and a packet of drugs under a plant. The importance of these exercises is high as they can help save hundreds of lives and not only those of the visiting officials or President. He goes into a room with his dog who detects the explosives very fast.

He runs his dog through several other rooms until his dog finds some drugs that were hidden. His dog acted so fast that it almost makes you think he already knew of them beforehand. The officer says that this is because of the dog’s training. “That’s how fast he works. It’s just the training he’s been given, and he’s always this accurate.”

Another service dog that has made headlines is the one in the following video. He’s in charge of seeing a little 4-year-old girl who has Down Syndrome and diabetes. Being so young, it is sometimes very difficult for the parents to keep her sugar under control. One day, the dog starts acting very odd and the mother texts the girl’s teacher. Then, she gets an unexpected answer!