Mom Never Thought Her Dog Would Do THIS With A Wild Deer. Just Watch What She Caught Them Doing!

Internet is filled with unlikely friendships. It is really mysterious how different species find true friends in each other and even go to the ends of earth to protect one another. Nature is filled with mysteries that are yet to be uncovered, these unlikely relations and unique animal behaviors are some of them.

This video features one of a kind friendship between a fawn and a dog. Pippin the deer was just a baby when she was abandoned in the woods. That is when she met a Great Dane called Kate. Kate soon enough took Pippin under her wings. We don’t know if it is her motherly instinct kicking in or just her kindness, but whatever it is it sure is remarkable. Isobel Springett, the owner of Kate is thrilled by this unique friendship as well and she let Pippin stay with Kate in her home.

They are quite an odd couple, don’t you think? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section! We’d love to hear from you!

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