Mom tips soapy solution on grass, soon everyone’s amazed at what surfaces

Chemistry, the science of matter, dealing with composition of substances and their properties. I remember my first chemistry set, all those test tubes, beakers, eye-droppers etc. I had all intentions of experimenting on all forms of scientific questions that only I could answer, yes I was going to discover the next cure for some dreaded disease the was inflicting sorrow and despair across the globe. As much as I tried and tried, all I seemed to do was create all sorts of stink bombs, this of course was a lot of fun for me and my friends, but not so much fun for those who would eventually wear the results of my scientific talent.

Yet chemistry does not have to be all that complicated. We all use the science in our day to day lives, even without knowing it. For example, when you prepare your dinner tonight you are using chemistry even if you don’t know it. You are using heat to combine different ingredients to come up with a delicious meal for you and your family.

What has all this to do with lawn you may be asking, well it is very simple. By the use of chemistry you can detect any little, or large problems you may have with your prize green patch that you work so hard to maintain and enjoy. Lush green lawn can bring us mush pleasure. Barbeques with friends, the kids playing ball or just walking on it bear-foot can entice great joy.

One enterprising mom used chemistry to uncover a problem her lawn was experiencing. By using a simple soap solution and pouring it on her lawn, there’s that chemistry thing again, she discovered the her pride and joy was infested with worms, not just any worms, the destructive creature known as “Armyworms”

“Armyworms” like to devour anything colored “Green, Red or Yellow” and do so in there hundreds moving as one, hence the name Armyworms. These ravished little pests not only attack your precious lawn, but can take out commercial crops in a matter of days. Tomatoes and corn are particular favorites of this battle hungry army, and can cost farmers across the country millions of dollars a year.

But fear not, there are some things you can do. The soapy water trick is one, but you will have to get your hands dirty retrieving the little pests, but as we all know, prevention is better than cure. Try introducing friendly insects to you yard, ladybugs, Lacewings and Tiny Pirate Bugs enjoy a feast of larvae and there are species of wasps that eat the cocoons before they hatch.

I guess once you have deceived this little critter with your chemistry abilities, there is only one thing left to do………LETS GO FISHING.