Mom Was Trying To Take A Snow Day Picture, But Her Pugs Had A Different Idea! Lol

Snow is no doubt the best thing about winter if you live in a cold climate. That big, soft, white blanket makes everything look clean and beautiful, not to mention being the source for some great outdoor activities if you are into skiing or even snowball fights. This mom wanted to take snow day pictures of her pugs, but they, being the outdoorsy type, had a different idea. I don’t really like cold weather, but if I had pugs like these, I would definitely spend time outside with them in the snow.

Most people would like to take pictures of special time occasions with their families, so that they can later have a nice pic to remind them of that amazing time that they spent with their most loved ones. The woman featured in the video below had a slightly different idea, however, when she decided to take a snow picture with her dog family instead! She lined up her pugs for a photo, and they all look adorable all covered and prepared for the cold weather with their appropriate clothing, of course!

To top it all, after the amazing photo shooting session, she took them all up a hill so that they could sled down in the most fun way. This looks like the most perfect day you could get to have with your dear animal friends!

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