Mom Tucks Her Twins Good In For Bed, When She Peaks In Later — OMG

Many people say that your sibling ends up being your best friend in life. This might not always work out to be the case but you’re about to see something that proves the rule pretty well. These infants are caught on film having an in depth conversation!

Everyone knows how twins have a way of talking with each other that seems more intense than the way regular siblings communicate. It really is like they have a telepathic thing going on! I have younger siblings that are twins and our family swears that they have their own language at times.

These adorable cuties are named Grayson and Griffin. Their parents tucked them in at night for bedtime and later heard some sounds that they just had to check in on.  These amazing kids were actually having an important and in depth conversation. It’s very clear that there is intense meaning behind every word or sound uttered.

More than just the sounds it is the body language and facial expression coming from both of them that really gives this clips its charm.  They certainly are identical so it’s a bit tough to keep up with all the chatter and no wonder why even mom has to dress them differently.

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