Mom was unable to calm her crying little baby, but watch what this dog does

Sometimes babies cry and we have no idea why, and no idea what to do to comfort them after we’ve tried changing them, feeding them, rocking them, and holding them. What more could they want? Well, Baby Olivia was crying continuously and she wasn’t able to sleep, and her mom just couldn’t figure out why. She needed help.  Just then Charlie, the adorable dog, came on the scene and did something amazing to make his baby sister sleep. Charlie is an adorable dog who loves his baby sister a lot, and even though she is very young, they have obviously already formed a close bond. He is very calm and gentle to her and always provides genuine care to her.

When Charlie heard his baby sister fussing, he became concerned and you can just see him thinking about what he could do to help her, so he immediately went for the rescue, and it is just our luck that mom was recording the whole thing. I wonder if Charlie has done this before? The way he reaches up to the crib and swings it gently is absolutely adorable. He surely must have seen his mom and dad do that a lot and learned from them that this is what his baby sister needs to help her sleep.

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