This mom is used to her husky not liking some things, but she never expected this talk!

Our pets are capable of the funniest things we have ever seen. No wonder many people have a lot of dogs instead of having kids. Of all the videos I have seen for pets, one of my favorites is dog videos. Dogs are very funny, and that’s counting they’re not trying to be funny in the first place.

I saw this video the other day that was as funny as it was creative. Dogs like the Rottweiler and the Labrador are famous for having a big appetite. So, when one offers them something like spaghetti or cake, they don’t waste any time in table manners. This one video featured a guy who dresses his Labrador in a hoodie. Instead of having the dog’s legs come out the sleeves, the guy puts his own arms through them.

Then, he sat the dog at the table with a big plate of spaghetti in front of them. The man starts feeding the dog using dinnerware, and the whole thing looks as if the dog was feeding himself using ‘human’ arms. They do this with several types of dishes, including cake. Once the man feeds the dog a few bites, he takes a napkin and wipes the dog’s nose, the dog almost took a bite of the napkin itself.

Another video that came more as a prank to the dog than a funny video itself, was the laser pointer prank. This video was done with both cats and dogs. Someone would point the laser at a wall or the door, and the dog would try to catch the light. The thing is that the laser would be moved so fast, that the dog or cat would not have enough time to react.

Sometimes, they would end up knocking objects off tables or breaking things around the house. There was even this video of a guy who did the same prank with a Doberman. He starts pointing the laser all around until he stops it at the groin of an unsuspecting friend. Then, the dog lunges at the laser and tries to bite it, only to find the poor guys groin and providing a direct dose of pain.

There have been other videos that provide a peek at some other abilities these dogs have. There was a dog that had about 7 doggie treats stacked on top of his head. He would not move until his owner would give him the sign to eat. The dog exercised the best self-control I have ever seen! Well, there’s another video that has been taking the Internet by storm. The dog is upset at his owner and is trying to find a way of letting her know. Just watch at what he does!