Mom Walks In On Twins In The Laundry Basket, Can’t Stop Laughing At The Priceless Conversation.

As any parent could tell you, it’s always nice when siblings get along. It’s always a relief when they’re able to talk through their problems and conflicts without tears, anger, or the dreaded parental intervention. So often, sibling rivalry stands in the way of agreements that would benefit everyone.

Perhaps because they’re twins, Stella and Lilah seem to be especially good at communicating with each other, solving problems in as calm and reasonable fashion as possible. These lovable 18 month-olds agreed that they needed to have an important meeting about… Socks! We don’t know whose idea it was, but they found the perfect conference center: a laundry basket. At the beginning of the video, one of them waits patiently in the basket, attending to a separate laundry issue. Soon, the other twin ambles over and they get down to business. The business of socks. In due course, they engage in the back-and-forth and give-and-take of any serious business discussion. The goods are examined and the pros and cons debated. They have disagreements but these are resolved. The deal is made and all is well with the laundry. Words cannot do it justice, you need to see these adorable twins in action yourself.

Fortunately for us, when their mom walked in on the twins’ laundry discussion, she had her phone with her.  Thus the sock negotiation was recorded in all its cuteness. We’ve posted this delightful video below so you can see the twins talk socks and for all we know, plan their afternoon nap, too.

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