This Mom Wanted To Show Her One Armed Daughter That She Would Never Be Alone!

It is always extremely heartbreaking when babies have to face the fate of birth defects.  The ones that may suffer the most with this information are the parents that have to decide the best way to protect and guide their little one while instilling independence all along!  The following story is the best example of a strong mother that took unfortunate news in stride and ended up changing her daughter’s life.

Sarah was just 20 weeks in the womb, her mother found out she would be born with only one arm. Sarah’s mother accepted something every mother eventually has to: that as much as she loved her daughter unconditionally, she could never know exactly what her little girl was going through. She knew that having a shared experience was the best way to provide support  and helping her daughter cope!

Like any mother, Sarah’s knew that she would love her just the same. Nevertheless, like any mother, she knew her daughter would have a unique experience growing up and didn’t want her to go through it alone.

The following 3 minute story was produced by PJ Pereira for Skype. The agency was struck with the emotional honesty of Sarah’s story.

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