Mom Wants to Give a Treat To One Of Her Darling Babies. The One Who Wins? You Won’t Believe!

Pets have been performing tricks to get their food for a long time. Dogs will do everything from begging to rolling over to performing “Three Dog Night.” I’m just kidding on that last one, but there is next to no shame for them when it comes to getting a handout from Mommy or Daddy. Everyone gets entertained and the dog (let’s face it, 99% of these are dogs) gets food in his belly. What if there’s a willing pupil watching? That’s what happens in this video.

The video starts with the dog’s mommy holding up a treat in the air. In order to get the treat, the dog needs to spin around while standing on two legs. She starts obliging. Then the baby, who is probably 10 months or older, sees this and starts spinning around too, giggling the whole time. Talk about learning from watching. Maybe he got a baby treat.

Learning by seeing is so important for children. They watch something and then try to imitate it. Though I’m not sure if the baby got a snack too. I don’t think he’d like the doggie treat, though kids that age will put next to anything in their mouths. Mommy probably laughed and got him a yogurt snack or something like that. Though it would probably be bad to set a precedent. Especially as a teen. “Hey, teacher, if I can do a backflip now, will you give me an ‘A’ on my math test?” “… What?”

I’m sure that this happened on more than one occasion with the baby after this. Hopefully, the dog didn’t see the baby as a threat to his getting a snack and one day loosen the gate behind that baby. “Oops. Was that open? Sorry… but that’s what you get for taking my snack, kid. I do all the cute tricks around here.” As you can probably tell from my having the dog talk here, that was a joke..

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