Mom and young family go swimming – you won’t believe what happens next

It’s always a tough time for a family when one of its members gets deployed overseas for a military tour. Especially if they’re heading into a conflict zone. However long that loved one is away can feel like a lifetime – particularly if you’re left at home to bring up the children, all the time worried that something bad might happen and worried that the next phone call will be some awful news.

Bethany is one such military wife, with four children to cope with as her husband is posted to Afghanistan – one of the world’s most troubled hot-spots. The family were living on Okinawa island in southern Japan, where her husband U.S. Air Force Doctor Capt. Hyrum Bronson was stationed. At the time this video was recorded, Capt. Bronson had been away on a tour of Afghanistan for 6 months – and not due home for another 3 weeks.

To relieve the stress and tension of waiting for her husband and children’s father to come home, Bethany would take her four kids to the beach for a swim. Anything that helps pass the time! On this particular occasion, they were joined by a family friend, who decided to make a video of the moment, and asks one of Bethany’s little girls what would she say to her dad if she could?

“I will tell him that I love him and that I will love him for always!” the adorable child replies. The family friend then asks Bethany what she would say but you need to keep your eye on the background. Is it a shark?! There’s a dark shape in the water, and something is looming closer and closer!

Capt. Bronson then pulls of the entrance of his life, as he stands out of the water, complete with scuba gear! He removes his mask and salutes his wife. “Mrs Bronson – your husband here reporting for duty!” If you’re not openly weeping at this point then there’s something wrong with you!

And that’s exactly what Bethany does for pretty much the remainder of the video – holding on to her man in a flood of emotion while her children crowd around their dad. Strangely enough – they all seem to take it in their stride – as if their dad randomly turning up at the beach in scuba gear is a regular occurrence!

The video has been viewed nearly 20 million times – as how much it resonates with anyone who has family members serving overseas and kept apart for long periods of time. Watch and share with your loved ones today!