Momma Cat Loses Babies In Tragedy, Does Something Crazy When Sees Neighbor Dog’s Puppies!

Mothers are known to protect their young from all harm, and if a tragedy occurs, this could be a life changing moment. When Miss Kitty tragically lost her litter of kittens, she was heartbroken. Longing to have young ones of her own, she jealously noticed her neighbor Smoochy who had puppies of her own.

Now Smoochy the cocker spaniel had her own litter of puppies, but her mothering instinct wasn’t present and it was clear to see that she did not want to nurse them or take care of the little ones. This is when Miss Kitty decided to take matters into her own paws and kidnapped the pups!

She carried them off one by one to her ‘home’ and nursed them. This amazing story shows how the cat broke all preconceived notions of dogs and cats being mortal enemies when she cared and nursed her neighbor dog’s puppies.

Isn’t this an amazing sight? A mother’s nursing instinct is to take care of all tiny creatures, even if they are not her own is certainly an eye opener! Have you ever seen something so incredible? Write in with your stories and to the comments section below – we LOVE hearing from you! And if your cat isn’t getting along with your neighbor’s dog, you can show this video to them to show them.

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