This momma cat is so protective and nurturing it will make you want one to take care of you

The drive mothers have to protect their offspring is amazing. Maternal instinct is an amazing force yet at the same time there is an incredible tender warmth within. This  mother cat is the picture of a loving and devoted mom. I can’t take how cute this clip is!

God bless maternal instinct! It’s an amazing thing. If you’ve got it, then you are going to have some great kids! This momma kitty knows that for sure! She is so nurturing and protective of her baby. Mothers just know how best to sooth and keep their babies content. This beautiful kitty featured here is a shining example of motherhood as she tends to her adorable little kitten, taking care of him and cleaning him. She even makes cute happy noises as she cleans him and cuddles with him. Both of these cats are beautiful and have already formed a close bond as mother and baby.

Cats sometimes get a bad reputation because they have different personalities from dogs or other animals. They can seem aloof or even distant from their humans. However, cats can be incredibly caring to both their humans and especially their young. I mean just look at this momma cat. There is no doubt she will do anything and everything to shield her kitten from danger! The way she treats her offspring is with much care!

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