Momma Cat Stares Down A Dog. When You See The Reason Why, You’ll MELT!

Anyone who has ever told you that cats and dogs don’t get along has to see this video. Maybe you believe it yourself, and that’s ok, you’re going to find out why that’s not true anyway. The clips starts out as an apparent stare off between a black cat and a brown dog, and though it seems like they’re coldly waiting for the other to make a move, if you pay attention to the bottom side of the screen, you will see what they’re really all about.

As soon as the baby kittens come into the picture, you understand what the video is all about. The cat wants to introduce her babies to her dog friend! But she’s trying to make sure the doggy is careful enough not to hurt them, so he makes him sit down and be patient. After she’s satisfied, she lets them be with the dog, and you can practically see his heart melting.

Luckily, the cat was right in her judgement, and the dog doesn’t do anything too rough or dangerous with the kitties. It’s beautiful to see their little family grow a little bit!

Watch this heartwarming video just below. What do you think of dogs and cats who get along? Let us know in the comments!

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