This Momma Polar Bear Takes A Dive For Her Cub! When You See Them Together, Your Heart Will MELT!

In the animal kingdom, mammals are mostly recognized for their family bonds and fraternal relationships. Particularly, the mother-child relationship is always very strong, no matter how big or small the animals are. And because of this, most mammal mothers develop a very strong sense of protection towards their offspring. We brought to you a video below, that shows an amazing display of motherly love in action. In it, a momma polar bear saves her cub’s life in the most grandiose way possible.

The bear mom, named Kurumi, and her little cub Milk, of just 4 months old at the time of the video, are seen walking very close to the water. Among bears, and mammals in general, polar bears are known for being playful and jumpy. Milk was playing and fooling around in the snow, when something scary happened! He slips and falls into the water. Though polar bears are usually great swimmers, this cub is still too young to hold himself in the water, so he had trouble staying up. Thankfully, mom was there to save the day! You have to see the brave rescue for yourself.

In the end, moms will always be there for their children. Watch this cute video right below! And don’t forget to leave us a comment with your thoughts.

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