His Mommy Brought A Basket, But Wait Until This Kitty Discovers What Waits Inside

When we were children, we all had our own distinct response to meeting new people and making new friends. Some people are natural at socializing and making new friends is easy for them, while for some others, it can be a lot trickier. People like me and many others can be a little bit skittish when in crowded situations! But have you noticed that animals are the same? They all have their own unique personalities and ways of meeting and greeting new people, and new furry friends.

The beautiful ginger shorthair cat in the next video is no exception to that rule. His human mother brings out a weird basket containing something mysterious. Since it looks comfortable and nice, the cat tries to get inside of it and see if he can enjoy it for himself, given cats’ amazing love for boxes. But the cat never expected what was actually inside the box. He clearly thought it was empty, but once he gets over the initial shock of what’s inside, he seems pretty happy that the box isn’t empty.

What did his mommy reveal in the box? The cutest kitten that the world has ever seen! I never would have thought that a kitten could be so cute, but this one in the clip is too cute for words! She even has her own cute collar with a little bell and everything.

Watch this adorable cat meet his new sister in the video right below, and don’t forget to share it with your friends if you love it!

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