Mommy Bulldog Falls Asleep While Pups Nurse. This Video Compilation Will Make You Smile.

I think it would be a very dour person who ever disagreed with me that puppies are among the best things that this planet has to offer us. Bad moods disappear instantly when one of those little guys or gals come bounding my way. I’m like a puppy grandparent, though. I play with them and then hand them back to their mommy and daddy, who get to worry about cleaning up after them That’s why I love video compilations like these – I can watch these pups and not worry about cleaning up after them.

It would be impossible to write out every single thing that happened in this clip, so I will, as Inigo Montoya said in timeless classic, “The Princess Bride”: “Let me explain. No… there is too much. Let me sum up.” There are lots of clips of dogs being silly with each other, cats, and humans. The pooches run, stumble, play, and eat. Not all at the same time. It’s nearly 11 minutes of pure enjoyment.

What is it about these clips that make us so happy? Well, first of all, we’re animal lovers. There’s a reason that these types of videos become viral so quickly – people are telling each other, “You’ve GOT to see this video of a dog riding a tricycle through a flaming hoop!” Note: this doesn’t actually happen… not in this video, at least. Also, videos like this are a great way to help people lift their spirits after a rough day.

Asking me to pick which clip is my favorite is like asking me which bite of a pizza I liked the most. I love the whole thing. It was over 10 minutes of dogs and puppies and kittens and people all just being goofy with each other. It made me forget about anything that had been worrying me about my day. Great. I just remembered again. Oh well. I’ve got the cure for that – I’ll just go watch the video again!

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