Mommy Calls Dog Over For Treat. What Happened Next Had Me Rolling On The Floor.

Animals can do some really silly things when it comes to getting excited. I’ve had both dogs and cats knock stuff over when they come rushing up to me for a treat. They just lose all sense of perspective and awareness of what’s around them. OK, sometimes they do that when they are calm too, but hey, they are animals. This video shows a dog losing her mind about something quite basic… with hilarious results.

We see a dog in the kitchen munching on some hard food from her dish. She’s hungry. After taking a large mouthful, she starts walking out of the kitchen. Her mommy stops her with “Want a treat?” Boy, does she ever. She immediately spits out the remaining hard food on the floor and looks up expectantly. She might have to wait, since her mommy is now laughing so hard she can barely breathe.

This video reminded me of another one that I wrote about. A man finds a chipmunk raiding his bird feeder. When he walks right up to the squirrel, whom he’s caught in flagrante delicto, instead of doing what most normal creatures would do – namely run like the wind with his cheeks bulging, the chipmunk proceeds to spit it all back out onto the bird feeder. Same principle. The dog is just so excited, she spits out her food.

There were some people who were angry at the woman for doing that. They said she was being cruel to the dog. No, she wasn’t. What happened was that she thought the dog would finish eating what was in her mouth and THEN wait for the treat. She was laughing at this certain turn of events. Some people are just too gosh-darn sensitive when it comes to these videos… they find fault with EVERYTHING. Relax, folks…

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