Mommy Has A Cat, Kangaroo, And An Anteater In Same House. They Are All SO Precious!

OK, stop me if you’ve heard this joke before: “A cat, a kangaroo, and an anteater walk into a house together…” Actually, it’s not a joke. The trio are roommates, though the sloth is really the star of this video. The cat seems to just want to play with the anteater and the kangaroo is more of a passerby in the “What’s up, man?” kind of way. Still, it’s incredible that the three even live together.

The anteater is a busy fellow, climbing all over the house, going outside to bury his nose in an anthill – naturally. We even see his unusual tongue in action when he sticks it out while taking a bath. This is one guy who is not afraid of the camera. He even stands up on his hind legs at one point in a “Look at How Awesome I Am” kind of pose. I’d hate to wake up and find him sleeping in my bed, though.

These animals live in the house for educational purposes. Presumably, their mommy takes them out to various places so that she can read Hidden Clover books to kids and show them the cat, the anteater and the kangaroo. It’d be a heck of thing to just have them as household pets. The United States Department of Agriculture has issued her a license to be able to house these animals to educate children.

Each animal must present its own unique challenge to raising it in a house. The cat’s the easiest of the bunch – just make sure there’s a litterbox, food and water. The anteater and kangaroos probably have unique dietary needs – there’s one part of the video that shows the anteater slurping on a special kind of gruel. The kangaroo seems to just laze around a lot. I wouldn’t want to make him mad and kick me though…

Which one of these animals would you want? The kangaroo grabbed me… I already have two cats, so that’s nothing new for me. Tell us which one you’d pick in the comments section!

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