Mommy Cat Sits With Kittens Roaming Around. I Couldn’t Believe How Many There Were!

There are some times that my house seems overrun with cats. We only have two of them, but when they are in running fits, it can seem as if that number is multiplied by a lot. There are people who have a lot more… though in safe, humane conditions. I’m not talking about hoarding situations that you see on television. These people love animals and can give them a good home. Like this video that was made by Mark Leonard and his wife about a cat they rescued.

We see a lot of kittens running around, playing with each other. There are eight of them – Leonard and his wife brought in a stray cat who gave birth to them. She’s also hanging out on a sofa, just kind of zoning out while her kitties are roaming around the area, being rambunctious. Eventually, she does make her way off the sofa and chow down on some food too. The house is just a constantly moving stream of kittens running around.

It seems like Leonard and his wife have turned their home into a kitten gym. There are two sofas that have been torn to shreds already. I hope those were old sofas. There are a bunch of boxes and kitten toys for them to sleep in and play with. This is one place where the inmates run the asylum. Of course, with eight kittens, I would gladly let them run the place too. Hopefully, they get forever homes soon.

Some people might think a video of just someone walking around watching kittens play might be boring. To those people, I would say: “WRONG!” There are literally feeds devoted to those type of things available on streaming devices. People can watch kittens and puppies play for HOURS. This video is short at nearly eight minutes. I actually wish it was twice that. Oh well… I can watch it twice, right?

My wife and I thought two cats were a lot of work. I can’t imagine having eight kittens and a full-grown cat in one place. What’s the largest number of cats you have had? Tell us in the comments!

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