Mommy And Daddy Find Cat Resting On Something For Babies. I Cracked Up At What It Was.

Once you bring an animal home, you cease being able to call it “YOUR” home. Nope. It will become their place – despite their not paying one red cent in rent, mortgage, or food bills. Well, maybe if you have them star in some YouTube videos or movies… otherwise, they will make whatever you have, theirs. I can’t sit on the sofa by myself now before I have two cats in my grill. Take this video of a feline claiming ownership of what should be a baby’s.

We see Kyo, a cat who has taken over a baby’s mechanical swing. This is not a surprise, since cats take over everything in their mommy or daddy’s house. “Oh. Did you mean to sleep on this bed? It’s MINE now. You put that fresh sheet on it for me, right? If not, too bad, because it’s got hair all over it now. Now… if you’ll excuse me, I have to groom myself in a very indelicate spot while sitting on your pillow.”

The best part of the video is when Kyo decides to bat at the hanging mobiles for a few seconds. It’s like he’s become a baby himself. Albeit a furry baby who cleans himself and is at risk for an occasional hairball. This is the first time that I’ve seen a mechanical swing go from side to side. The one that we got for our son rocked back and forth. The swing seems to be working – Kyo lets out a big yawn at one point.

I would be that if Kyo’s mommy or daddy came back to the scene in about 10 minutes, they would see a sleeping kitty. It only took that long for my son to fall asleep, which was a blessing if I needed to do work. That swing got me at least an hour’s worth of uninterrupted time. It’s too bad I can’t use it for him at certain times now. Oh well, At least Kyo will never outgrow this and go off to kitty college.

Kyo is such an adorable cat, isn’t he? Have you had instances where your cat took over something you ordinarily use? Tell us all about it in the comments section!

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