Mommy And Daddy Are Impatient With Elderly Grandfather. Then Their Son Opens Their Eyes.

Many families face a tough situation – having an elderly relative live with them. Oftentimes nursing home care is just too expensive. They face other headaches though, including having to drive them to doctor’s appointments and other things. Also, the danger of dementia lurks. Then there’s the story told in this video when a daddy and mommy have their son’s grandfather stay with them.

The grandfather is clumsy at the table. He spills food and drinks and utensils. His hands shake. It’s aggravating for the mommy and daddy. Finally, they have enough. They set up another table and make the grandfather sit there. This cruelty happens in front of their own young son. Mommy and Daddy ignore the grandfather’s tears as he eats in solitude. But his sadness is not ignored by all…

The real kicker in this story is when the mother finds her son picking up wood shavings on the floor. She asks him what is going on. “Oh, I’m just getting wood to make you a bowl when you and daddy get older…” There’s nothing about a slight gleam in his eyes when he said it, but it wouldn’t surprise me in the least. That set the mommy and daddy straight. They bring the granddad back to the table and he eats there for the rest of his days.

Of course, we don’t know how the story ends – does the kid grow up and put his own folks into a retirement home at the first sign of frailty? Just kidding. This story is about respecting your elders, since they were the ones who were scooping up your dropped food and utensils when you were a child. This is the full circle of life. The parents will become the children again as they age. It’s all about recognizing what is happening and taking it in stride/

What do you think of the story? It made me think a lot about my own father’s aging. It’s hard to see this happen, but time doesn’t stop for anyone, sadly.

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