Mommy and daddy want boxer to go to sleep. His reactions made me laugh out loud.

Bedtime can be a chore for any parent. Just the act of getting the kids ready to go to sleep can be more exhausting for the mothers and fathers. Often they may be the ones to conk out before the children. Which can lead to a little anarchy if the kids don’t get the hint and fall asleep right after them. Well, bedtime difficulties don’t have to just extend to parents of humans. Dogs can be just as troublesome.

We see a boxer named Ruger. He’s in bed with mommy and daddy, who want him to lay down and go to sleep. He doesn’t seem terribly interested in that… perhaps he’d chugged several cups of doggie expresso earlier. His energy level seems to indicate that it might be several days, not hours before he intends to lay down and rest. Mommy and Daddy, who seem like they just want to lay in bed and rest, have their hands full.

This is one determined dog. He does NOT want to go to sleep and is not shy about talking back to his mommy and daddy. Of course, he doesn’t get aggressive, he just keeps on whining to stay awake. His parents are having none of it… they keep telling him to lay down and rest. Ruger even takes his daddy’s hand in his mouth – gently – but even that is not enough to sway either of them.

Ruger finally listens to his mommy when she tells him, in no uncertain terms, to sit. Then, he’s content to just lie there and lick his daddy’s hand. Like every other parent out there, there’s a time to kind of give your kid leeway when they are acting up before bedtime but then there’s a time to put the hammer down and get them to cooperate. Ruger finally got the proverbial hammer from mommy… but all’s well that ends well.