This Mommy Dog Gives Her Puppy A Good Sniff. How The Little Guy Responds? What A Tantrum!

When it comes to our dogs we are just head over heels in love with them. We really can’t get enough of them and we feel like they are the best dog in the entire world. From the moment we first lay eyes on them we consider them a vital part of our family and expect everyone else to treat them that way as well.

Our pets are so important to us that we spare no expense on them. We make sure they have the best of the best of everything, even if that means we ourselves go without. Because our dogs are so important to us, I mean they are family after all, we have made it our top priority to capture the moments we have with them on camera. This is the reason why we now have access to so many amazing dog videos that are now posted online for everyone to see.

That how we came across this amazingly cute, not to mention hilarious video. In this featured video you will see a mother Bulldog named Patches and Patches little baby Elvis. Elvis is apparently a very opinionated little puppy and will let you know exactly what he thinks of you, no filter needed.

Patches and Elvis were just hanging out in their home when Patches started checking out Elvis and he had apparently had enough. He lets his mom know real fast that he is not in the mood for her to be sniffing him and Patches was apparently a little offended by it. As Patches is walking away Elvis starts to throw another fit because his mom isn’t paying any attention to him. This is one little puppy who isn’t sure of what exactly he wants, but it is more than a little amusing for us.

This is one doggy mom who is going to have her paws full of her little pup.

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