Mommy Finds Kitten Sleeping On Plate. Their ‘Conversation’ Is Too Adorable For Words.

I love it when cat talk back. I’ll see my two cats sitting around and I’ll start up a conversation with them. After a few seconds, they’ll meow back at me and we’ll have a little back-and-forth with each other. They give me slow blinks to show that everything’s cool. It’s a great way to break up my work day for a bit, especially if I get stressed. The kitten in this video, though, has my cats beat in the cuteness department. Shhh… don’t tell THEM that.

We see a little kitten that looks like what my domestic shorthaired cat would have looked like when he was that age. The kitten is sitting on a plate and his mommy comes up to him and starts talking. In the cutest voice ever, he keeps ‘replying’ to her. I was smitten with the whole thing three seconds into the video. It’s too short also, only a minute long. I’d watch this for at least 10 minutes.

The kitten is learning how to interact with his mommy. It’s a constant learning process… though he seems to have figured out that he runs the house. After all, he’s brazenly plopping himself down on a plate already. That’s a sign of a kitty who is beginning to realize just how much power he wields in his paw. Also, judging by the mommy’s reaction, she knows how helpless she is in the face of his near-infinite cuteness.

I do hope that she washed the plate thoroughly afterwards. Unless it’s a decorative plate. The kitty can use the plate as his bed as much as he wants, but just make sure that it’s clean afterwards. Then again, when he gets older and bigger, that plate won’t be strong enough to hold his full weight. I guess both he and his mommy need to just enjoy that moment for as long as they can before time changes everything.

My cats can’t sleep on plates anymore. They’re too big. Well, maybe paper plates, but I don’t think they’d get any enjoyment out of that. Have you had a similar experience with your kitty? Tell us all about it in the comments section. Also, please “Like” us on Facebook.

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