Mommy Holds French Bulldog Puppy. I Was Flabbergasted At What Came Next.

There are many times that we think our pets say something to us. I can’t tell you how many times that I’ve talked to one of my two cats and they have meowed back at me. Since most of these ‘conversations’ occur in the kitchen, I have a pretty good idea of what they are trying to tell me… But there are also instances when a pet really DOES say something. One that is not a parrot, too. Times like this video…

We see a woman holding what looks like a French Bulldog puppy next to her. She’s got him a sweater and she clearly adores him. The dog’s mommy gives him a kiss on the top of the head and says “I love you.” The dog clearly says it back, with a doggie-type inflection, but you can clearly hear “I” “Love” “You” come out of the dog’s mouth. This sends the mommy into a sort of shocked joy, she can’t believe she heard that.

The chances of this puppy actually understanding the words coming out of his mouth are next to none, but it’s still an adorable thing to see. There have been other videos of dogs saying things like “I Love You” but not as many of them come out as clear-sounding as this one does. I would have been even more impressed if the next thing that he said was, “Yes. I really do love you. Now feed me…”

People are always in a hurry to give humanlike qualities to animals. “Aww… that dog is smiling!” “Aww… that cat winked at me!” “Awww… that shark is smiling… GET ME OUT OF THE WATER, NOW!” This dog is really good at saying things that his mommy says, but he’s not really feeling the human emotions that the video seems to be showing. I know, it’s disappointing, but that’s how it is. Now I need to go, since my cat clearly said, “Feed me now, human…”

I loved this video. French Bulldogs are the best, aren’t they? Tell us what you think in the comments section below!

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