Mommy Holds Hairdryer In Front Of Blind Kitten. I Was Laughing So Hard At This.

Any time we see a handicapped animal, our first instinct is usually pity. We assume… and we all know the saying about assuming anything… that they are helpless. That’s usually far from the case. Sure, there are some that do require round-the-clock care, but others tend to do just fine with just a touch of help. Take this kitten that we see in this video. He can’t see, but that doesn’t keep him from doing what he wants.

We see Oskar, a kitten who has been blind since birth. He was rescued. His mommy holds a hairdryer about three feet away from him. He can feel the current and he WANTS TO FIGHT IT! You can almost hear him thinking, “Ah… you are a tricky one, you Sith lord. I feel your heat beams and I will defeat them. Curses! I cannot hit them! I will keep trying and eventually, I will defeat you.

Oskar has gotten older since that video was uploaded. He’s had quite the following and has even won some awards for his antics. This is quite the role model – a cat who can’t see but doesn’t let that bother him. His hearing, taste, touch and smell – all already superior to a human’s – must have been heightened even more to make up for the lack of sight. His behavior with the hair dryer shows that.

There are some who might think that Oskar’s mommy was making fun of his situation when she ran the hair dryer. That’s the furthest thing from the truth. He was having a blast during it. It’s important for kittens to have playtime and this was a stimulant for him. He’s got plenty of other videos and has a lot of fans. Being blind is not a deterrent for Oskar having fun. Here’s hoping that there are many more of these to come!

What did you think of Oskar? Wasn’t he adorable? Have you seen any animals like this? Please tell us in the comments below!

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