Mommy lays with her quadruplets. I always smile when I see what happens next.

Nothing in the world sounds better than a baby laughing. It was a sound that always made my day when my son was a baby. Oh, sure, he laughs now as an older child, but it’s still something that sounds so pure and innocent coming from a baby. If you were only allowed to pick ONE video to show that sort of giddiness, I would pick the one that we see here as the perfect example of it.

The video shows a mommy laying on a bed with her four babies around her. Something makes one of them laugh and then the others join in. This is such a popular video that it even won the Funniest Video of All Time on “America’s Funniest Videos”. It’s a deserving winner, since it’s just nearly two minutes of nothing but spontaneous laughter and good feelings. I’m sure Mommy needed it too after giving birth to them…

This is one of those videos that I watch when I’m in a bad mood. How can you be in a bad mood with these laughing babies? You can’t. It’s one of several videos that I watch. Oops. I just wasted about half an hour watching these videos before coming back to write this sentence. They can make time disappear along with a bad mood. But this video does show you the joy of being a parent.

Of course, I’m sure that this couple experienced the other end of the spectrum with these babies: chain crying. It probably wasn’t anywhere near as fun as the laughter. Trying to get them to stop crying too must have been like herding cats. Getting my son to stop crying was tough, I couldn’t imagine trying to calm down three others. For some reason, I doubt daddy would decide to film that scene…

Isn’t this the sweetest video ever? Have you seen any that are close to being like this? Tell us all about it in the comments section!