Mommy Monkey Has Hands Full With Baby. This Little Troublemaker Is SO CUTE, Though.

Kids, as wonderful as they can be, also know how to annoy their parents. It’s like the older they get, which means the more information they get about their folks. Which means they know what phrase or what action will irritate them the most. It’s nothing terribly cruel, just a way for them to amuse themselves while driving their parents bonkers. This video shows one animal who has learned how to do this at a young age.

We see a mother monkey and her baby at the Twycross Zoo, which is in England. They are both part of a rare species called Diana monkeys. The baby is nine-months old and is adorable. He’s also, as babies tend to be, full of energy. This little guy’s jumping around like he’s got springs in his limbs. He could probably power all the lights in the place for a year if they managed to harness his energy.

This baby Diana monkey is trying to press his mommy’s buttons all at once. He presses his butt up against her, climbs all over her and is probably saying a bunch of silly things in monkey language. She’s doing her best to keep him under control, but it’s a losing battle. She probably wishes that he would nap so she could have a little peace of mind, but that’s not happening. She might want to ask the zookeeper there for a tranquilizer.

Of course, as annoying as this monkey is being, his mommy still loves him and is putting up with his (pun intended) monkey business. She know that he’s just being a rambunctious little rascal… though even that realization doesn’t exactly make it easy to corral him when he’s being all goofy. Adults and children think differently, so what seems logical to an adult will make no sense to a child. So, acting silly is perfectly normal for a child… as this monkey shows.

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