Mommy Pit Bull Discarded At Shelter After Puppies. Wait Until You See How She Looks Now!

One of the worst things a dog “owner” can do, besides physical abuse, is to neglect them. They bring them in for a sole purpose, ignore everything else, and then get rid of them like they are an outdated piece of equipment. It’s not fair and these animals deserve a lot better. Fortunately, there are organizations that look out for these creatures, and while they may not save every single one of them, they do their fair share. Like this video , for example.

Puddle is a pit bull that’s in a shelter because her previous “owners” got rid of her after she delivered her latest litter of puppies. Even though she is nearly skin and bones early on, her loving spirit still shines through. Her tail is fiercely wagging despite the fact that she must be weak from hunger. The people at Sidewalk Special take her in and after a vet visit and subsequent lodging at a foster home, they put out a video entreaty for adoption. It’s Christmas time… will anyone have space in their home?

The post-Christmas update presents some big news. Puddle has a new home… and name! She’s now known as Sonny. The video entreaty worked and a family did decide to bring her into their home for good. She gets behavior therapy and she’s adjusted to home life quite well. There’s even one part of the video where she licks her new mommy on the face to show her appreciation for her new life.

I’m not sure why her mommy changed her name from “Puddle” to “Sonny”. Maybe she thought the first name was a connotation about what she might do on the floor. As long as Sonny likes the name and responds to it, that’s all that matters. She’s in a home that treasures her sweet personality and her parents don’t view her merely as a puppy factory that can be dispensed at the first sign of wear and tear.

It’s great that Puddle/Sonny wound up in a new home. She deserved it. Don’t you think so? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. Also, please “Like” us on Facebook.

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