Mommy Posts About A ‘Sacrifice’ She Made. I Think She May Need To Look In A Dictionary.

There are times that people say things that make you furrow your brow and go “What?” for the sheer insensitivity of it. It’s like when someone complains about having to use the Mercedes instead of the Lexus. They may whine about having to use the slightly smaller Lear jet to travel to their destination. In other words, these are people you play the world’s smallest violin for. Like Sarah Scott, who wrote a really dumb essay about her “sacrifice.”

Scott and her husband saved for a year to buy this house – she proudly says that they got no help – and then moved in. It was only after their move that she realized that she wanted a third child. The problem is that they couldn’t afford to have one without her having to get a job (oh no) and not go on yearly vacations to the time share that they owned – they would have to sell that. Please excuse me while I go wipe my tears… of laughter.

Here’s the thing, from my admittedly male perspective, is that she took an extraordinarily tone-deaf approach to writing this. Yes, she said they ate canned food for a year (Hmm… hope it wasn’t all tuna, that mercury might have affected her thinking), bought on consignment. I can understand that sacrifice. But then to turn around and talk about a vacation home versus another child. Also, her talking about a third child versus a vacation home is just a big slap in the face to those who can’t even have ONE child. She can’t be happy with what she has.

It’s just something that smacks of upper-crust elitism, like someone complaining about having to choose between a Gold credit card or a platinum credit card. She says she finds it hard to talk about with anyone their age because most people “don’t plan as meticulously as us.” OK, it’s good that she thought stuff out, but it seemed to make her go out of touch in record time. Yes, she’s not hurting anyone, but she’s also boring us with her elitist reasoning.

What do you think? Am I being too harsh on her? Tell us in the comments section below!

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