Mommy Has Pregnant Dog Pose For Maternity Pictures. The End Result? ULTIMATE CUTENESS!

When it comes to pregnancy, many times the photos usually show the aftermath – the birth and the next few days. There are some maternity photographers out there, but the money tends to be in the baby market. That’s just for humans, mind you. Kennedy Sorenson decided to change that up by having maternity photos of her dog, Chanel. Sorenson’s friend Amy Rients brought over LeeRoy, the father of the soon-to-be born puppies. This video shows the adorable results of that shoot.

The maternity pictures were all so adorable. A photographer took pictures of Chanel and her mate, LeeRoy, the dog who impregnated her. She wore a Hawaiian Lei and they posed her in a lot of different ways. There’s one close-up where she’s seeming to be positively beaming. You can tell that she is soon to have puppies. There’s a sign that says “9 Days To Puppies.” Then she had them and my jaw dropped even more.

I thought the number was a typo. 11? 11 puppies? How was she able to carry all of them? I know golden retrievers are big, but this seems like a lot. Typically they have eight, but research showed me that they can go as high as 12. Hmm. Learn something new every day. I’m surprised they didn’t try to get a reality show or something. “11 is Heaven” or something like that. We see the puppies all sleeping inside a giant basket. It’s so cute. Eight boys and three girls.

After all this came the hard work for the mommy. Trying to nurse all 11 of them. That would be extremely uncomfortable, I would think. If my wife had 11 kids, I think we would have gone broke buying formula. Sleep deprivation would have been a factor too, since getting 11 babies to sleep all at once would be a Sisyphean task. There would be one awake at all times. But we’d love them with all of our hearts… before we collapsed to the ground and fell asleep.

This video totally made my day. How about you? What did you think of it? Was it a waste of money? I don’t think so, since it provides Chanel and LeRoy’s mommies with photos for them to remember

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