Mommy Puts Kitten On Her Lap. What Happens Next Is Pure, Unadulterated Cuteness.

Kitten videos should be regulated like some other addictive properties. Once you view one, there’s no stopping yourself until you’ve spent at least the next five hours watching… oh, wait. The sun’s rising now. Has it been eight hours already? Anyways, this video is a possible gateway to watching more. It’s got the world’s most adorable kitten and it makes you want to watch more.

This kitten, not sure what breed it is, is laying on his mommy’s lap. It’s clear that he already trusts her, since his belly is VERY exposed. She’s rewarding that trust with sweet tickles. Every time she stops and raises her hands, he spreads his legs out in the air like, “MORE, MOMMY! MORE!” She’s happy to comply. His eyes are so cute as he watches her hands play across her belly and he loves the song that she hums.

It’s almost hypnotic watching this kitten react to the tickling. I can almost imagine him thinking “WHEE!” every time that he spreads his paws out. He’s obviously having a blast and the woman whose lap he’s in is also enjoying every second. Even the end of the video is adorable, when he squints as she rubs his head. It’s so sweet that I have to check my blood sugar every time I watch it.

If someone were to loop this for, say… three straight hours, I would watch it. The kitten is THAT cute. This video should be required viewing at all anger management therapy sessions, jails or any other place where there’s a lot of violence. It’d make things a lot calmer in the long run. Getting mad? Just think of the cute video. They say petting a cat can lower your blood pressure. Just thinking of this one ought to knock a few points off.

How many times did you watch it before deciding to come to this last paragraph? Tell us below! I’m going to go back to watching.

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