Mommy Raccoon Leads Babies Up Tree. Her Reaction When One Gets In Trouble? HILARIOUS.

It’s amazing to see animal mommies and daddies with their babies. Ducks will waddle along the side of a road with a long line of ducklings in her wake. Some animals carry their babies on their back, like an opossum. These mommies and daddies will keep a watchful eye on their little ones, but sometimes these babies need to learn to do it themselves… and quickly. Like the ones that are the stars of this video.

We see a mommy raccoon climbing up a tree, a very tall tree, to get her kids to a large hole that they call their home. The little ones follow her in a near-single line formation, and once she’s inside, the others follow her, one by one. Well, almost. One of them climbs too high and has to wait for mommy to pull him inside. The next one in the line, after seeing that, just climbs right in with no help.

This is real world training for these baby raccoons. They have no safety equipment, no helmets, ropes. Yes, mommy is there to help them get into the hole, but if one of them were to fall on the way up… oops. That’s nature. It’s funny to see the mommy grab one of them like a sack of flour and drag him into the hole. Hey, she’s got no time to dilly-dally with that many babies roaming around her.

I have to give this raccoon mommy her props. Trying to watch over that many kids would drive me insane. These baby raccoons do seem obedient to their mom, but I can imagine it must feel like herding cats sometimes. I don’t know how people who have large families do it. Especially if they are all the same age, like how some women can have eight babies at one time. I don’t think this mommy raccoon took any fertility drugs, though…

Wasn’t it amazing to see nature in action like that? Yes, raccoons can be ill-tempered, but this was sweet. Have you seen anything like this before? Tell us in the comments section!

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