Mommy resting on bed when suddenly a cat head pops up. I laughed at what happened next.

There are sometimes your cat or dog just wants to play. The way I can tell my cat wants to play is that he throws himself onto his back on the floor and kind of curls up a bit, tail wagging a bit. That’s my cue to grab something to toss to him. I love it that he does that, especially when he gets older. It means he’s still thinking like a kitten. Then there’s the cat that we see here in this video. He really wants to play.

The cat in this video is so cute. We just see his head at the end of the bed, slowly rising up and down. If he’s trying to hide, he’s not doing a very good job of it. His mommy can’t get enough of it though, giggling every time his head disappears and then reappears. There are a few times we see the tips of his ears even as he lowers himself. I think if this cat were in Ninja School, he would have to reapply.

If this cat was a spy, he would be Maxwell Smart. For those who don’t remember that show, he was an inept spy who used a shoe for a telephone. Yes, this show was filmed WELL before the age of cell phones. I’m also talking about the TV show, not the terrible (sorry) Steve Carell movie. If he was trying to sneak up on an enemy, the enemy would just turn around and say, “I see you, you know. Yes. You. Right there. Stop it. It’s embarrassing. STOP CRAWLING.”

I would be laughing if my cat did that. Then again, my cat is an actual ninja. There have been times where I’ve been watching television and looked down to see him in my lap with my not having realized he climbed on there. I think he teleports sometimes. My other cat is like this one in the video. I hear her coming two rooms away and I’m hard-of-hearing. Let that sink in a bit…

Isn’t this cat adorable? I was smitten the second I saw those eyes peeking out from across the bed. Does your cat or dog or whatever pet you have like to play games like this? Tell us your stories in the comments below!