Mommy Returns From Errands And Calls To Her Geese. I Loved How Earnest Their Reaction Was.

There are people with all kinds of pets – cats, dogs, birds – like parakeets, parrots – geckos, snakes. This is the first time that I’ve ever seen anyone with geese as pets, though. There’s always a first time for everything. This obviously takes part in a rural part. I don’t think this would fly well… sorry, pun kind of intended… in a city. Just trying to cross the street would be a nightmare. Well, the rural setting works great for something like this video.

We see a field from the point of view of the person holding the camera. She calls out and suddenly, two geese, Dooby and Mickey, who were in the distance suddenly come waddling/charging toward her. She’d been out running errands and come back home. They gain momentum and stop short of her, honking for her to pet them. It’s the cutest sight seeing them so close up to the camera… I want to pet them, too!

I’m not sure that this would work with Canadian Geese. They tend to be on the not-so-friendly side. “You’re unfriendly? You’re CANADIAN!” “HONK!” That reminds me of an exchange on the show, “Justified”, where Boyd Crowder, the show’s anitihero, says to two Canadian mobsters: “Here I thought all Canadians were supposed to be nice.” “Wrong Canadians.” The same could be said of the geese.

Yes, Dooby and Mickey are probably acting like children here who are like, “What’d you bring me, mommy? What’d you bring me, Mommy?” They know that this human brings the food to them, but it’s also fine to pretend that they are showing her love and affection. They are geese, after all… Still, we’ll take what we can get sometimes, and this is pretty darn cute, isn’t it? Now I want to go pet a goose..

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