Mommy Rottweiler And Puppy Play. I Lost It At His Reaction When She Left To Rest

One thing parents learn early on is that their kids have an amazing amount of energy. It’s like they are nuclear-powered or something like that. I look at my son now and I wonder to myself, “Did I have that much energy when I was his age?” The answer is yes.. but it doesn’t make me any less tired watching my kid now. The mommy and daddy Rottweilers in this video can surely sympathize with me.

We see a Rottweiler puppy playing with his mommy, who is still showing large udders after giving birth to him. He wants to play a lot and mommy obliges… but then she realizes that she is still recuperating after giving birth and retreats to the porch. That doesn’t make the little guy happy – he wants more! He can’t get any satisfaction from either parent. Oh well, he’s learning early that life isn’t always fair.

This video gives me memories of the times when I would sit down after playing with my son for a long time and having him come running over and saying, “Daddy. Sit on the floor and play with me.” This is after an hour and a half. Then again, he still does that from time to time these days too. I think I’ll go play with him now, since that time’s not going to come back when he’s older.

The dad in this video is funny. He’s like, “Listen, I’m resting. You ran your mom, who just nursed you, too, ragged. Also, if you do want to play, you’re going to have to learn how to climb these steps. Hah. You can’t work on that first.” The mom is probably resting so that she can replenish the milk in her udders for the little one to suckle on later. It’s too bad that this little pooch can’t do something like play a console game or something.

I would have stepped in and played with that puppy for at least three hours. How about you? Do you have a puppy who runs you ragged? Tell us all about him or her in the comments section!

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