Mommy Sees Sleeping Puppy On Table. I Was Cracking Up At What She Did Next.

I have to say that sleeping animals are a weak point for me. They look so innocent. When I see my two cats asleep, I can easily forget that they’ve done something like poop outside the litter box. Sleeping puppies are my kryptonite. I could watch sleeping puppy videos all day if I could. The one that we see in this video is possibly the cutest one that I have ever seen. I’ve watched this one three times already.

We see a puppy dog fast asleep on his back on a table. He is the most relaxed looking dog that I’ve ever seen. I even have to watch his belly rise and fall a few times to make sure that he’s asleep and hasn’t passed on. Maybe he recently had a good meal and this is his way of showing contentment. His mommy seems to have other ideas about his sleeping and does her best to bring him into the land of the awake.

This pup does NOT want to wake up. First his mommy taps his paws. No dice. She gently shakes his hind legs. Still in dreamland. Next up are belly pats. Nope. She sticks her finger in his mouth, which only makes him stretch for a second and then roll over on his side and keep sleeping. It’s like she’s trying to wake a teenage me. The video ends with mommy trying to tickle him in various spots before deciding to let him sleep.

It seems like she’s being mean, but she’s just trying to show just how soundly this puppy sleeps. Chances are good that if she said something like, “Are you hungry?”, the dog would wake up. I mean, I just TYPED this and my sleeping cats looked at me from across the room. Still, sleeping puppies are the cutest thing and I’m glad she didn’t really wake him up. Plus, he’s probably plotting revenge to poop in her shoe in the near future…

Weren’t you like, “C’mon! Just let him rest!” at one point? I would have just let him sleep, but that’s me. Weigh in with your opinion in the comments section below!

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