Mommy Sets A Bowl Of Goat’s Milk Out For Her Six Scottish Terriers. Their Reaction? OMG!

A dog’s mealtime can be an incredibly complex ritual starting from when their Mom or Dad open their food containers. Suddenly multiple dogs can come rushing into the feeding area like people trying to be the first customer at a Black Friday shopping event. All civility – well, as civil as dogs can be – disappears and the end result can look like the scrum that occurs when a football player fumbles. Though those fumble pile-ups can be a lot less chaotic than mealtime. Dogs can bite each other and that gets messy.

That’s why this video is so cool. No chaos. No fighting. A mom puts down a large fountain-type bowl and six Scottish Terriers come bounding forward, knowing what’s coming. As they converge on the bowl, she pours goat milk into it. As the dogs start lapping up the milk, they start moving in a pinwheel formation. You can even almost time each revolution. It’s an amazing sight to behold.

It’s all instinct, of course. It’s not like the dogs spend hours practicing each day. “Listen, Freddie! It’s slurp, slurp, slurp, TURN! You’re doing slurp, slurp, TURN!” “Sniff my butt, Maxie.” “No, you’ll pass gas in my face, Freddie.” “Look, this is SERIOUSLY eating into my nap time.” “Oof. You HAD to say ‘eating..'” If that were the case, then this would be a better sit-com than many shows that air on television. Early title thought: “Six Terriers And A Bowl.” Someone should just make a music video of their pinwheel act too.

What’s next for them? Maybe Mommy can get them to do a square dance. “OK, slurp. Pass to your partner. Do-Si-Do. Slurp! CHANGE! No.. not the wee-wee pad…” Or they could learn to use utensils. “Use the soup spoon… no, the other one. The SOUP SPOON.” Mommy could just enjoy what she has now.

I was amazed at how well-coordinated these dogs were. What did you think? Let us know in the comments!

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