Mommy Shows Older Dachshund Toy From His Past. His Reaction Will Make You Smile.

Memories are powerful. Sometimes all it takes is a look at something you haven’t seen for a while to have events from the past come flooding back to your brain. High school yearbooks. Baseball cards. Movies. Certain songs. We fell young again. Nostalgia is always a popular industry, since people ALWAYS want to go back to a time when things seemed more innocent, more trusting… even if they necessarily weren’t. The same can go for animals, as this video shows.

Finn is an older dachshund who is hanging out on the sofa one day. His energy levels probably are not as high as they used to be. He might move a little slower and a little creakier. It happens to all of us. Naps might become more frequent. His days of playing with a lot of toys seem to be over. But wait. Are they? Or is something from his past coming back to visit him? How will he react when he sees it?

Well, his mommy brings a squeaky pig toy. This is something that he hasn’t played with in five years. For a human, it’d be like coming across a toy that hasn’t been seen in 35 years. Finn perks right up and it seems like he’s suddenly the younger dog of the past. He wags his tail and excitedly starts playing with the toy that had been creatively dubbed “Piggy”. It’s possible that he hasn’t been this active for a long time.

Piggy falls off the end of the sofa and Finn gets this crestfallen look like he’s never going to get this toy back again. It’s funny – he waits five years to get this back but then he’s impatient to wait five seconds for it to be picked up and put in front of him again. Time is always relative to us, isn’t it? It’s not like we can expect a dog to be logical, right? Hopefully, his mom picked up the toy and had him get right back to playing.

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